April 23, 2017


Chris Fedalei Endorses Mary Geren

My Fellow Democrats,

Last year, I stepped up and challenged Representative Trey Gowdy in South Carolina’s 4th District. While 2016 did not go the way we hoped, the experience left me hopeful for what was yet to come. Earlier this year, I relocated to the 3rd Congressional District when I accepted a position in the Greenwood Public Defender’s Office. Here in the 3rd District, we have a strong, viable candidate who has stepped up to challenge Jeff Duncan. I am writing you today to invite you to join me in my support of Mary Geren.

Mary has already been on the campaign trail for five months, announcing her candidacy nineteen months before the election. During the last five months, Mary has traveled to all corners of the 3rd district, talking to voters about the issues that are important to them. Unlike her opponent, Mary has hosted three public townhalls, one of which I was honored to moderate.

I have seen Mary’s tireless efforts to make South Carolina a better place for future generations. She serves as the 3rd District Chair for SC Democrats Care, the service initiative started by former SCDP Chair, Jaime Harrison. She is a dedicated educator who is very passionate about her students at Tri-County Technical College, and she has spent the last decade helping candidates running for office up and down the ballot, including Jane Dyer, Vincent Sheheen, President Obama, and Hillary Clinton. Now is the time for us to get behind Mary. With our help, she can win!

Mary has already shown she is a serious candidate by raising more in individual contributions than Jeff Duncan in her first quarter. Her next deadline is this Saturday.

Will you join me in supporting Mary? Please make a donation to her campaign. It is time we flip the 3rd, flip SC, and take back the House!

Chris Fedalei
Former Candidate for Congress, South Carolina’s 4th Congressional District

Why I’m Supporting Mary Geren

I’ll admit I was a little skeptical going to Mary Geren’s campaign announcement. I consider myself to be pretty progressive, and I wondered if a Democrat running in South Carolina would hold many of those same views. But I wanted to hear Mary speak and see if she was a politician I could support.
What really convinced me to support Mary is when she talked about her history. She grew up in a poor household that needed some assistance from time to time. She was able to attend college thanks in part to government grants, and go on to earn her Master’s Degree and teach at the college level. Mary talked about the role that education has played in her life, and why she’s an educator today. It’s a testament to Mary’s character that she is able to look back on her life and recognize the opportunities and support that she had and how they made her into the woman she is today. What really impresses me is that now she is determined to fight to make sure everyone has the same opportunities and support that she had growing up.

I’m ready to join Mary in the fight to make sure that everyone has the opportunities and support they need to succeed. It will take a lot more than just showing up on Election Day, but Mary inspires me to fight for what I believe in.

Please consider making a contribution to the campaign. Whether it’s $3, $25, $100, $1000, or $2700, any amount will help Mary fight to make sure that everyone has the opportunities she had.

Kevin Plis
Lecturer of Computer Science

Bre Maxwell Endorses Mary Geren

My Fellow Democrats,

Last year’s election left us shocked, saddened, and feeling defeated. But for those of us who have spent tireless hours helping elect Democrats, we knew there wasn’t time to sulk, there wasn’t time to complain, and there wasn’t time to point fingers. We needed to start preparing for 2018. We needed to start the work to take back Congress and be ready to take back the White House in 2020. We needed to start finding good candidates to get behind. Luckily, one of those candidates felt the same way and announced her candidacy for Congress in South Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District earlier this year. That candidate is my friend, Mary Geren.

I have gotten to know Mary over the years through her work to get young people involved in politics and the Democratic Party. Mary has served as the advisor for Tri-County Technical College’s political clubs since 2010. She has been a vocal supporter of the Clyburn Political Fellowship and has recruited young people in the upstate to apply for the fellowship. While she missed the age cutoff by about a year, she was instrumental in helping our Anderson County Young Democrats form a new chapter to mobilize the young people in this traditionally red county.

Mary has spent a lot of her time helping young Democrats learn and get involved. It has not gone unnoticed and I am asking all of you to join me in supporting Mary Geren for Congress. It is time for Democrats to step up and win back seats in Washington. Mary is ready to do that and with the help of young people across South Carolina, she can win.

Will you join me in supporting Mary? Please make a donation to her campaign. If you can’t make a donation, please consider volunteering for her campaign.


Bre Maxwell
President, Young Democrats of South Carolina

Mayor Culbreath Endorses Mary Geren for Congress

Hello Democrats,

The resilience I’ve seen from our party over the past 7 months has been inspirational. The 2016 Elections

didn’t go our way and it feels like Washington D.C. is making it harder and harder to survive as a middle-class family each day. It would be easy to give up, to stop fighting, and just focus on keeping our own households afloat; but that’s not what we’ve been doing. We’ve rallied, resisted, and are continuing to raise our voices against Washington; to remind them that they work for us! HealthCare is a right! and we need 21st century jobs.

Terrence Culbreath and Mary Geren

Right now, we don’t have an ally fighting for us in Washington. In fact, Congressman Duncan is a rubber stamp for Trump’s disastrous policies. He’s using every day in Washington to make it harder for hardworking men and women across our district to find a good-paying job, to put food on the table, and get their kids a quality education. What we do have is Mary Geren – our candidate for the 3rd Congressional District!

Mary reflects the dreams that many kids across our district have. She grew up on reduced lunches; like 80% of students in my hometown of Johnston, SC. She clawed her way out of poverty, worked herself through college, and became the first person to graduate with a college degree in her family. She even went on to earn her Master’s Degree and now teaches at Tri-County Technical College in Anderson, SC. In short, Mary is living the dreams of thousands of kids across the 3rd District; but she knows we need to do more to make that fight a bit easier for those kids. That’s why I’m supporting Mary Geren for Congress and I hope you will too.

Mary is the fighter we need and the fighter we deserve. To get her elected it’s going to take all of us rallying behind her, unifying our voices, our dollars!!! Join me in making a financial contribution and getting Mary one step closer to Washington, and one step closer to fighting for us.

Terrence D Culbreath
Mayor of Johnston, SC

Mary Geren endorsed by Jaime Harrison

My Fellow Democrats,

Last week, Archie Parnell showed we are getting closer to transforming the political landscape in South Carolina. The SCDP, county parties, a coalition of organizations like Indivisible SC and hundreds of volunteers worked together in an effort to educate voters and put boots on the ground. Archie was a great candidate who didn’t mind canvassing, talking to voters, and raising the resources to reach out. In order to continue the momentum and win in 2018, we must continue to identify great candidates like Archie. In the 3rd Congressional District, we have that candidate in Mary Geren.Jaime Harrison and Mary Geren

Over the last two months, Mary has traveled all corners of the third congressional district talking to voters on important issues from healthcare to education to creating good paying jobs for all South Carolinians. As a mother and educator, who climbed out of poverty with the help of government initiatives like the school lunch program, Mary can connect to the struggles faced by families in the third district.

The citizens of South Carolina deserve better than the likes of Jeff Duncan, a man who would rather support radical political ideologies than fight for the best interests of all South Carolinians. Mary would be a breath of fresh air in a Congress rank with corruption and gridlock.

We know Mary has the drive, intellect and the grassroots support to “Flip the 3rd,” but she needs our help. Our first fundraising deadline is June 30th. A strong filing will show people and organizations in South Carolina and nationally that we are serious about changing the direction of our state and nation.

Please join me in supporting my friend, Mary Geren, for Congress. She is the leader we need in these harrowing and trying times.

Jaime R. Harrison
Former SCDP Chairman