April 23, 2017




We must protect Medicare at all costs. Hard-working Americans have paid into this system and rely on it to live their retirement years with dignity.

Medicaid Expansion

If states continue to refuse Medicaid expansion, the federal government must find a solution to resolve the Medicaid coverage gap.


I support the Affordable Care Act but would work to amend it as needed to correct any unintended consequences. Repealing the ACA would take healthcare from over 25,000 residents of our district.

Medical Cannabis

I support the legalization of medical cannabis. It has been shown to be the best option for people with a number of ailments. These uses cannot be ignored.


Fair Pay

No American who works 40 hours a week should struggle to feed his or her family. I believe we need to increase the minimum wage to a living wage, and we need to ensure equal pay for equal work.


Our bridges are falling down, our roads are filled with potholes, and our technology lags behind many countries. Building this infrastructure would provide good paying jobs today and in the future.


Our public education system is under attack. We must save programs that ensure equal education for all Americans.

Higher Education

All Americans deserve a shot at the American dream; therefore, we must enact programs to ensure that, if you’re willing to work, you can get an affordable college education.


We must save funding for programs like Title I, Title IX, and IDEA that ensure equal education for all Americans regardless of their learning abilities, their race, their gender, or their income.

Community College

A four-year college education is not for everyone, so a strong community and technical college system are needed to provide our children good paying jobs and bring jobs back to America.


Climate Change

Global warming is a scientific fact that has been proven; it is not a hoax as our president suggests. Not combating climate change through clean energy initiatives is a danger to our civilization.

Environmental Protection

I would stand up to protect our environment and ensure Americans have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. The fact that these fundamental rights are even in question, infuriates me!